6 Different Types of Food Processors

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Mostly we normally think of the term ‘food processor’ as a counter machine or kitchen tool that chops, wedges, shreds, grids or minces/grinds foods, the term truly can have a long-reaching use that simply joins numerous different types of food dispensation gear from juicers to labor-intensive choppers, as they all work to route foods, in one form or alternative.

Though, the main intent of this article is to look at typical food processors and note their unique differences.

Types of food processors

Based on different functions there are different types of food processors. Generally, the most common ones available are mixing, grinding, cutting, chopping and blending etc. You can easily make out that the name of the appliance is similar to what they perform.

Mixer Grinder

As the name suggests, mixer grinder is a food processor, as it routes raw food into a modest form, be it a paste form or a finely grated powder. There are several types of food processors that are operationally different and made with different ingredients. The most shared types of mixer grinders are registered here along with the kind of food procedures they carry on.


Also known as cutters, choppers are used for cutting, slicing and hewing vegetables and fruits. It contains a jar with stainless steel which makes it hard enough to switch chopping tasks. These are quite useful when it comes to plateful a fancy salad or salsas in a matter of seconds. Choppers, though, do not chop or slice food items evenly. They only aid in saving time and a lot of sweat. On the flip side, there are slicers accessible which might help in regular or fancy cutting.


These kinds of mixer mincers aid to the mixture the whole food content that it is put into them all together to form a paste-like effect. You could effortlessly make your own milkshakes, concoctions or other smoothies using a blender within jiffies. Furthermore, there is distinct kind of liquidizers accessible with ice crushers which make you an elegant looking concoction at home!

Juicer, Mixer, and Grinder (JMG)

JMG stands for Juicer, Mixer, and Grinder. A JMG is a kind of mixer grinder which can make all three food processing tasks together. It is an extremely suitable model as it is an all-rounder. JMG is your go-to in the hour of need. It also aids to save time and does not let you settle on the competence of the combined food at the same time.

Atta kneader

Anatta kneader is the kind of mixer grind that is used to blend wheat or flour, mainly. It is an easily operable machine, with a great design. All you need to do is put wheat and water into the food processor and it does the job of blending on its own.


Juicers are a group of mixer grinders that are precise to mining juices. They are intended to make the task stress-free and decrease your effort. The juice is poised in a jar, while the waste products or the peelings of different fruits are flung out from the other side and collected into the extra storing jar.

From the post below we hope you now have a strong understanding of the dissimilar types of food processors. Therefore, based on your condition you can select the suitable processor. Be it for mixing/grinding fixings or beating the atta, you can do it all with the diverse kinds of food processors described above.

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